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Model - Oceana stratchan @oceanastrachan
Photography - David Ross @drossphoto - @thesaltwatersociety
Creative Directior & Stylist - Sheridyn Fisher
Makeup - Brittany Ivery @brittanyivery
Hair - Ilianna @ WAK the Salon, Newcastle


Name: Oceana Strachan


Location: Wollongong, NSW


Favourite beach destination and memory:
Some of my favourite beaches are located in Jervis bay NSW, it was the first place I had ever seen wild dolphins that come so close to people.


Secret to your amazing bronze tan:
In summer the sun does all the work but for the rest of the year I tan sometimes twice a week but usually once, depending on what I have on. I use " bronze me" by coco body. Its made with coconut and avocado oil which is really hydrating and soaks into the skin, i believe it helps the tan last longer on my skin.


Best work out tip for your beach body:
Always find motivation. Before shoots I always do extra work on my core, to help with bloating and give a little extra definition. I train 5-6 times a week with various exercises but I think my favourite would be tabata training, its high intensity with short periods of time which really makes me sweat and feel great after.


What is your best advice to keeping in shape:
Balance is key, you probably hear this a lot. I eat pretty healthy, my main meals are usually really nutritious but i do have a sweet tooth for choccy. Make sure you drink more than enough water every day because water helps flush toxins out of your body and keep you fresh


What is your go to swimsuit when going to the beach:
ahh this is hard. Im a bikini-holic. But i'd say anything minimal. I love salt water on my skin and i love soaking in the sun (with the use of SPF)


On the weekend we can find you:
I do spend a lot of time by the sea, all year round. I just love the saltiness of the air and even in winter watching the waves is calming.


Favorite Makeup tip:
less is more. If Im not shooting, I generally only would wear mascara and brush my brows.. maybe a bit of bronzer to enhance my cheeks. In winter I like to tan my face to give my a bit of colour, I never use to because i found that I would break out a lot but I have finally found a tan that doesn't cause that.


We adore the photos from the recent shoot, what was your favourite memory from the shoot?
I love them too!! Working with animals is always really fun, sometimes challenging but the images look so effortless. My favourite part of any shoot is getting ready.. I love getting my hair and make up done and seeing inspiration boards and the collection that we are shooting. It gets me really excited to be able to create images once I am infront of the camera.


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