An off-the-shoulder swimsuit paired with some cute cotton shorts are a simple combo for day on and off the beach. You’re going to see a lot of them this summer if you haven’t already picked up on the trend overseas. Why is the off-shoulder swim top so popular? Its success comes down to its versatile nature; it’s a swim crop top that looks like any crop-top you’d see worn about the city on a hot day. This means you can walk around the shop, sip on a chilled latté in a chic café or go to the movies without looking like you’re wearing a swimsuit, and then still hit the beach.

If you don’t like skimpy bikini tops, the off-the-shoulder swimwear top is your friend: generally, it covers across the chest and is quite wide across the back too. As opposed to a triangle bikini top or cupped swim bra, there are no risks of boobs peaking out either, so if you’re that kind of conscious girl, this will solve all you beach problems!

Bridal Bandeau Swimwear Top

Slip-on off-the-shoulder bikini tops are super comfortable because you don’t have any clasps digging into your back when resting on your beach towel or patio deck chair, or worse, that huge lump of a tie.

Look for the off-the-shoulder tops that offer different possibilities with the straps. You want straps so as to swim or run around without it falling down, but removable ones will allow you to avoid nasty tan marks. Paired with a spaghetti strap cover-up, imagine how you can play around with the intricate crisscross patterns the two sets of straps will create. Have fun!

What to wear on the town with your off-the-shoulder swim top? To be honest, anything. Skinny jeans and platforms will give you a sleek look and if you’re more hipster, pair your favourite high-waist shorts denim shorts and wrap a checkered shirt around you. Girls with broad shoulders however are better off balancing out the bottom half of their look, as off-the-shoulder tops tend to accentuate the width of their shoulders. Hence, I recommend they opt for a full length wrap skirt that billows in the wind to complement the figure.

There’s no doubt about it, the off-the-shoulder is your city-to-beach best friend.

Red Sleeved Bandeau Top

Black Bandeau Top

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