The high-waist swimsuit actually fits all sizes and styles, contrary to popular belief. “Really?” I hear you ask with a look of sceptic worry. Take my word for it, and let me explain how.

high waist bikini

Are you a classy, sophisticated kinda girl? Then the high waist bikini will have you look dressier than in a tie-side hipster. Pair your high-waist swimwear bottom with a simple off-the-shoulder swim crop top. Keep to timeless colours, such as black (there is such a thing as a Little Black “Bikini” yes), dark burgundy red, night sky blue or even a heavy slate grey which you can mix and match. For French Riviera grab yourself some marine stripes but don’t coordinate – it’s so much more chic when you wear either top or bottom with a plain white or navy piece.

Maybe you are more an athlete chic, in which case the extra support will be very comfortable. Your look: wide contrast banding and even mesh inserts for a little more exposure. Make sure your sports swim bra isn’t too heavy; you want to lighten the load at the top when you already have full coverage on the bottom, with a small crop bra for instance. Opt for bright tropical prints for a splash of fun.

And for all of you vintage ladies, the high-waist brief is not only complimentary to your style, it is indispensable! If you are looking for the high waist for your retro look, opt for one with ruching panels that run the whole length on either side. The perfect tops for this look are the eternal push-ups, a wired bra style that will give you the true pin-up look, or a halter neck that also gives that extra cleavage boost but with a little less drama. If you find polka dots you have hit the jack-pot!

scrunch high waist bikini bottom

The high waist draws a fictive line from your hips to your waist thus marking your hips, so whether you be a wasp or a fuller girl, by stopping ten centimeters under your chest, it emphasizes your curves and creates the illusion of a smaller waistline.

Despite what we say that confidence comes from within and that your self-esteem should not lie in the eyes of the beholder, if you have a little tummy you feel less confident about, the high-waist bikini brief will help you overcome your fear of wearing separates. Some high-waist bottoms even come with “tummy-control” which is nothing more than a more supportive stretch fabric that consequently flattens your stomach.

My only counter indications for a high waist? If you want a good tan line! Think of rolling it down if it has enough stretch (this is why I love the new versatile high-waist from the Sheridyn Swim Basics collection, made specifically for the purpose). And if you have had too much waffles with ice-cream, go for a one-piece while you digest ;)