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Crest the Waves in New Swimwear

28/09/2017 2:15 PM

crest the waves in new swimwearAustralia is a continent famous for its beaches and spectacular waves but it is high time that you make a few waves of your own with some fabulous new swimwear. After all that you do to keep your bills paid, family fed, and everything else in your life balanced, a new bikini may be just what you need to unwind and have some true fun in the sun. The beach is the perfect place for this as you can enjoy inviting warm sand, beautiful blue water, and plenty of friendly faces to enjoy your time with.

Feel Great

New beachwear can be a great choice for anyone looking to feel great in her own body and enjoy more of the warm Australian sun without interruption. In addition, the newly popularised scrunch bikini will show off all of your best assets without giving away too much in the process. This amazing Australian bikini will make waves, turn heads, and have your own chin held high as you know you are the hottest person on your stretch of the shore.

Most Importantly

You’ve booked your flight, paid for the hotel and now it’s time to put the icing on the cake by choosing your new bikini. It’s amazing how a simple addition to your beach attire can perk you up and get you feeling confident about the way you look. The most important thing to remember when choosing the right Australian bikinifor you is to make sure you choose something that not only looks good, but you also feel comfortable in. Something you can swim in, relax in and be active in without constant adjustments will make your holiday that little bit more relaxing.

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Womens swimsuits

Women’s swimsuits come in a wide selection of sizes, designs, and colours and when it comes to choosing the right swimsuit, the bikini is still one of the most popular ones on the market. Since not all bikinis are as skimpy as many people imagine them to be, you can easily find something that you’ll love. In fact, thanks to the variety of bikinis these days, companies like Sheridyn Swim that make these swimsuits truly offer something for everyone.

Finding the One That Is Right for You

Finding the best bikini for you involves simply deciding on the style and colour that you prefer and the companies that make bikinis can do the rest. You can even get a high-waist bikini that comes in both solids and prints so whether you want yours to be black and white or pin-striped, you can easily find what you’re looking for. A well-made, attractive Australian bikini is easy to find, especially if you shop for one online at our shop, and it is often much cheaper as well.

No Need to Look Far for the Right Bikini

Bikinis come in solid reds, blues, pinks, and blacks and designs that include bold stripes, flowers, and many other patterns. They can have regular straps or come as halter tops and many tops even come with mesh and other designs. Shopping online for Australian bikinis is easy and fast. Because this option offers a second-to-none selection at very reasonable prices, this is how many women purchase their bikinis these days.

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Love the Water and Love Your Suit

A great new swimsuit can offer improved self-esteem and simply make you look amazing as you spend time out on the water. No matter if you dip into the cool waters of your own swimming pool or take your board out onto the open sea for some surfing, the results of getting a stunning new bikini can be dramatic. After all, you not only deserve to feel great about your body but this is one way that you can truly get the best tan of your life without losing comfort in the process of it all.


A Brazilian bikini will offer you all the coverage you need to hide the most important areas of the body while allowing you as much skin exposure as possible for the best all-over tan. The Australian sun is brighter this year than ever and although you should not go without at least some form of protection if you plan to spend many hours outside, Brazilian swimwear can make reaching that glowing gold colour easier.

Showing Off

A great new bikini is one way to turn some heads whenever you plan to spend time out on the water enjoying the beauty and fun of nature. After all, it is not just every day that you get to simultaneously feel great about your body and show off some of the most beautiful bikinis currently on the market. If your swimsuit is currently one or more years old, it is high time you replace it altogether with a better option.

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Bikini Swimwear Choice

When making a choice for a bikini, you will find that the choice of a top is a very important personal choice since bikini tops come in so many different styles. You can buy tops that look sporty, or bikinis that feature push-up bras, padded tops, or halter neck designs.

Bikini Bottoms

You also have to consider the type of bikini bottom you want and how much coverage you desire. Bottoms are available in high-cut styles as well as full coverage looks with ties. You can also choose mesh tops and bottoms in solids and prints.

One of the popular styles nowadays is a sporty mesh bikini top with high-cut bottoms, all presented in a geo rose design. Indeed, this type of Australian bikini is well-received as it provides great coverage and ideal for someone who actively likes to swim.

Swimwear Sized to Fit

Sized to fit most women, bikinis are available in sizes from extra small to large. Bikini bottoms and tops are sold separately so you can get just the right size of top and bottom, which is much better than choosing a bikini that offers one size for both the bottom and top.

If you are seeking a sexier suit, or wish to show off your curves, you may want to consider a push-up top with basic bikini pants. This selection in swimwear is popular as it features moderate coverage for the cheeks and is fully lined. You can mix and match the style as well when choosing solid colours. Made of mostly nylon and just enough spandex for stretch, the bikini offers easy care as you only need to hand wash it in cold water and hang it up to dry.

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Shopping for Bikinis and Swimwear Online

When taking into account the vast disparity amongst female body types, which vary greatly, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to find out those women all over the world experience trepidation and apprehension when trying to find the perfect bikini.

To make matters even worse, there are hundreds of online swimwear merchants muddying the waters with exorbitant prices, poor selections, and inadequate size options, which make it incredibly difficult to find an impeccable Australian bikini in today’s day and age.

If you truly want to find the cutest tops and most stylish bottoms and save some money along the way, it’s in your best interests to refer to this brief checklist as you attempt to ascertain a trustworthy, cost-effective supplier of modernised swimwear.

Step One: Find an Established Company

First things first; you’ll want to ensure that you’re working with an experienced firm that specialises in designing, developing, and fabricating trendy swimwear options on an in-house basis. With this notion in mind, you should ensure that your shortlist is comprised of suppliers that have been in the business for several years and can tout a globally-recognised line of unique products.

Simply visit the “About Us” section of each website to find this information.

Step Two: Dig Into the Salient Features

When it comes to separating the contenders from the pretenders, you’ll want to look out for the following aspects during your online research:

  • Comprehensive Size Guide: If you’re attempting to find a unique Australian bikini – one that has yet to pierce the cultural zeitgeist – you’ll obviously want to have access to an inclusive size chart that helps you compare the bust, under bust, waist, and hip measurements on all products.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: The most reputable merchants tend to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products as well as a corresponding 10-day return window to allow for easy exchanges and refunds.

  • No-Minimum-Order Wholesale Prices: Your swimwear supplier should be able to provide wholesale rates without forcing you to order dozens upon dozens of swimsuits to meet a minimum threshold. Seek out a “wholesale account” section on each website for company-specific information.

Step Three: Evaluate the Actual Products

To further whittle down your shortlist, it’s in your best interests to compare and contrast each firm’s in-house product line prior to picking a particular supplier. In this regard, you should look for the following categories and groupings:

  • Separates (mix-and-match tops and bottoms)
  • Swim sport options (mesh tops, breathable bottoms, ergonomic fits)
  • Distinctive selection of one-piece suits
  • General beachwear (lightweight caftans, kimonos, dresses, etc.)
  • Wide assortment of Turkish beach towels
  • Revolving clearance offers year-round

There you have it! You’re more than ready to buy a gorgeous swimsuit from a reputable supplier.

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Do you remember the Californian TV series Baywatch? Even if you never watched a single episode (such as myself), you’ll remember them as being Chandler and Joey’s favourite show to watch with Duck Jr and Chick Jr, the only thing you’ll probably remember are red swimsuits that the female crew flaunted as they ran across the beach to their oh-so-unfortunate drowning swimmer. And they are making a come back! Baywatch the film is due to show in 2017 with none other than the eternal Mitch (David Hasselhoff), so we reckon that this high-leg bikini trend that we are already picking up on will not die out anytime soon.

high cut bikini

Can you pull off the high-leg bikini bottom? Well there is high leg and there is high leg. High legs can vary from anywhere just under the high hip to however high over it you like, and the higher the more of a 70s look you will get. A note to get the style right: it is generally understood that the higher the leg opening, the longer your legs look and that is flattering on any silhouette (unless you already have giraffe legs), whether you be skinny or curvy. However, curvy girls be aware that a bikini that sits above your high hip and therefore nearer to your waist than to your hips will accentuate your curves dramatically. If you don’t want that effect but still want to give your legs some length, leave those 70s high leg swimsuits and opt for a bikini that sits just below the high hip instead. It’s still a high-leg bikini cut, you just don’t have to go all Pamela Anderson with it.

scrunch high waist bikini bottom

You don’t have to opt for a one-piece either to get the look. Think high-leg bikini bottoms with a cheeky bum, paired with a cute little bikini triangle top or a push up moulded cup triangle.

If you want to shop the style, Sheridyn Swim has two new pieces in their basics range that fit the look, the High Leg bikini brief and the aptly named Show Off One Piece swimwear that come in a variety of colours and prints, and of course, in red.

scrunch high leg bikini bottom

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The high-waist swimsuit actually fits all sizes and styles, contrary to popular belief. “Really?” I hear you ask with a look of sceptic worry. Take my word for it, and let me explain how.

high waist bikini

Are you a classy, sophisticated kinda girl? Then the high waist bikini will have you look dressier than in a tie-side hipster. Pair your high-waist swimwear bottom with a simple off-the-shoulder swim crop top. Keep to timeless colours, such as black (there is such a thing as a Little Black “Bikini” yes), dark burgundy red, night sky blue or even a heavy slate grey which you can mix and match. For French Riviera grab yourself some marine stripes but don’t coordinate – it’s so much more chic when you wear either top or bottom with a plain white or navy piece.

Maybe you are more an athlete chic, in which case the extra support will be very comfortable. Your look: wide contrast banding and even mesh inserts for a little more exposure. Make sure your sports swim bra isn’t too heavy; you want to lighten the load at the top when you already have full coverage on the bottom, with a small crop bra for instance. Opt for bright tropical prints for a splash of fun.

And for all of you vintage ladies, the high-waist brief is not only complimentary to your style, it is indispensable! If you are looking for the high waist for your retro look, opt for one with ruching panels that run the whole length on either side. The perfect tops for this look are the eternal push-ups, a wired bra style that will give you the true pin-up look, or a halter neck that also gives that extra cleavage boost but with a little less drama. If you find polka dots you have hit the jack-pot!

scrunch high waist bikini bottom

The high waist draws a fictive line from your hips to your waist thus marking your hips, so whether you be a wasp or a fuller girl, by stopping ten centimeters under your chest, it emphasizes your curves and creates the illusion of a smaller waistline.

Despite what we say that confidence comes from within and that your self-esteem should not lie in the eyes of the beholder, if you have a little tummy you feel less confident about, the high-waist bikini brief will help you overcome your fear of wearing separates. Some high-waist bottoms even come with “tummy-control” which is nothing more than a more supportive stretch fabric that consequently flattens your stomach.

My only counter indications for a high waist? If you want a good tan line! Think of rolling it down if it has enough stretch (this is why I love the new versatile high-waist from the Sheridyn Swim Basics collection, made specifically for the purpose). And if you have had too much waffles with ice-cream, go for a one-piece while you digest ;)

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An off-the-shoulder swimsuit paired with some cute cotton shorts are a simple combo for day on and off the beach. You’re going to see a lot of them this summer if you haven’t already picked up on the trend overseas. Why is the off-shoulder swim top so popular? Its success comes down to its versatile nature; it’s a swim crop top that looks like any crop-top you’d see worn about the city on a hot day. This means you can walk around the shop, sip on a chilled latté in a chic café or go to the movies without looking like you’re wearing a swimsuit, and then still hit the beach.

If you don’t like skimpy bikini tops, the off-the-shoulder swimwear top is your friend: generally, it covers across the chest and is quite wide across the back too. As opposed to a triangle bikini top or cupped swim bra, there are no risks of boobs peaking out either, so if you’re that kind of conscious girl, this will solve all you beach problems!

Bridal Bandeau Swimwear Top

Slip-on off-the-shoulder bikini tops are super comfortable because you don’t have any clasps digging into your back when resting on your beach towel or patio deck chair, or worse, that huge lump of a tie.

Look for the off-the-shoulder tops that offer different possibilities with the straps. You want straps so as to swim or run around without it falling down, but removable ones will allow you to avoid nasty tan marks. Paired with a spaghetti strap cover-up, imagine how you can play around with the intricate crisscross patterns the two sets of straps will create. Have fun!

What to wear on the town with your off-the-shoulder swim top? To be honest, anything. Skinny jeans and platforms will give you a sleek look and if you’re more hipster, pair your favourite high-waist shorts denim shorts and wrap a checkered shirt around you. Girls with broad shoulders however are better off balancing out the bottom half of their look, as off-the-shoulder tops tend to accentuate the width of their shoulders. Hence, I recommend they opt for a full length wrap skirt that billows in the wind to complement the figure.

There’s no doubt about it, the off-the-shoulder is your city-to-beach best friend.

Red Sleeved Bandeau Top

Black Bandeau Top

Off Shoulder

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